Wow what a month

Wow, what a month it has been. Some people would say I have been procrastinating in my weblogs and they would be correct…lol.

Jessica went to Mexico for her first missions trip. She had an amazing time. We thought we would be able to talk to her a couple of times in the evening because they were supposed to stay in Brownsville at night. Well they actually stayed in Mexico the whole time and we did not get to talk with her at all that week. During this time Brenda’s older brother in Ohio passed away. So we packed everything up along with Tony & Gloria and up to Ohio we go. Let me tell you, I am getting a little to old for "QUICK" trips that far. I did get some good pictures of the mountains in Virginia & West Virginia. I posted them on myspace if anyone likes that sort of thing. We got up there and were able to make the arrangements for the cremation and see most of her surviving family members. God really was in charge of all that because, as with many families, there were a lot of "issues" that have kept us apart on every level for years. Everyone got along well and it was good seeing most everyone. We got to spend quite a bit of time with our great nephew, Josh. We even prayed with him & his mother (sadly most of those we saw in the way of family [Brenda’s & Gloria’s] and friends are not Christians). Josh said he would like to move down here & finish high school and start going to church. We are praying for that to happen. While we were driving up my brother called (he knew we were coming up) and told me an aunt of mine died the same day as Brenda’s brother. I was able to see some family members at her funeral that I had not seen in about 10 years and that I was not planning on seeing. I also was able to see my brother (older) & his wife and sister (younger) for a few hours. It has been several years since we have seen each other. We left Thursday afternoon to come back home and arrived Friday afternoon. A special thanks to Pastor Ryan for taking care of our animals and cleaning up the glass from our broken patio table…lol. Played catch up the rest of the week. Jessica went to church camp this week and got back today. We missed her and man was her and Terra wound up when they got home. As for me I stayed pretty busy all week and yes, I actually do enjoy having some "alone" time, but it is GREAT to have her back home! We go on vacation in about a week and then hopefully we will be done traveling for a while.

Only one thing to say to finish up here and that is "SILVERADO"!!!!




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