In the house finally

Well gang, it has been awhile since I posted anything. Moving can really tie up your time. We got the furniture in the house on Friday and are still living out of boxes, but we are slowly getting things the way we want them. Brenda & Jessica have unboxed quite a bit already, but it will take awhile to get it all done. The movers took about 7.5 hours as opposed to the 4-5 hours that we had budgeted. It was still worth every penny not to have to bother friends and family or do all the heavy stuff ourselves (not that i could). We disconnected our land line so the only way to reach us is by cell phone or email (if you need our numbers or email address just ask). I have to still paint the hallway, but am in no hurry to do that. Other than that things are coming together pretty well. it is beginning to look like home. The garage still has plenty of boxes in it, but we will get that cleared out a little at a time. Then I get to build a work bench so I can tinker around breaking stuff ( I say fixing, Bren says breaking) and start to get the garage in shape for us to actually park cars in it and organize tools and such with whatever space Brenda leaves me…lol. We still have to replace a few small things like some lights & ceiling fans that we do not like and set up the office the rest of the way so I can get the FTP site up again. Brenda & I recovered our dining room chairs to go with the paint that she picked out for the dinning room. She did a great job and the chairs really do look nice. Jessica is getting a puppy on Friday since we now have a big fenced in yard and Petey (our poodle) really loves being able to go out & walk around with out a leash. We are planning on having a cookout soon and inviting everyone to help us celebrate our new home. It feels so good to be out of the apartment atmosphere in a house where we can actually entertain friends. Feel free to stop by and check us out, you don’t have to wait for the cookout and if you insist on having an invite….here it is….come on over! We also hope to have a WII game night soon.

God is faithful and we are thankful for this blessing and the friends at Newpoint He has blessed us with.

We luv you all!!!

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2 Responses to In the house finally

  1. Rachel Ponder says:

    YAY! I’m so excited for yall!!! I can’t wait for the cookout! haha.
    Hope all is well!!! new house yay!!!

  2. RyanO says:

    hummm…did someone say’ “cookout”? 🙂 Congrats on the new house!!

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